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Jodi is the best thing to have ever happened to me and my dog Freddie. She came into our lives when I was looking for help with my wiggly wild 10week old Aussie puppy. She’s been with us every step of the way!
What I love about working with Jodi is she always meets us where we are at in our training and is very adaptable whenever I express something isn’t working for us. She is full of knowledge from years of experience working with her personal dogs and client dogs. It’s so easy to talk to her and bounce ideas for how to troubleshoot behavior issues. She has helped me through some really challenging hurdles raising an adolescent Australian Shepherd. Through her guidance and support I’ve been able to find a deeper relationship with my dog.
 In addition, Jodi’s passion for Dog Sports is contagious!! When I expressed an interest in taking Freddie’s training to the next level, she didn’t skip a beat. She’s invested in us fully, teaching us techniques for frisbee, dock diving, and agility! We wouldn’t be where we are without her mentorship. What started out as just needing help with puppy training, has turned into a lifelong friendship! I am so grateful. Freddie and I love Jodi! I can’t recommend her enough!


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