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Temperature & climate controlled and WIFI monitored for sudden temperature changes

Carbon monoxide, smoke, and fire alarms linked directly to our phones

Motion and sound detection cameras on inside and outside of building linked directly to our phones

Nestled on 5 acres

We make sure to provide the best environment possible for the dogs. We take pride in our incredibly clean and sanitized daily kennel space, our quiet building, meeting every dog's biological and personal needs, and having more than enough space for the dogs to explore safely. We strive to have a stress free zone for every dog here. A dog that is less stressed learns quicker and simply has more fun!

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Keeping Clean

Having a clean and orderly area is important to us and your dog's health. We sanitize the entire building daily and deep clean the kennels on those muddy days and after every dog leaves. Cleanliness keeps dogs happy and healthy.


Small Scale 

Being a family owned business means it is very small scale. Each dog gets treated like our own and gets very specific individual time with us. 


Fresh Air

The bay door was added to the building just for those nice sunny days! Nothing better than fresh air all day long. This also allows for the dogs to decompress and sniff the surroundings while being in their own safe space. Dogs use their nose to gain knowledge about their surrounding environment. We also spend so much of our day outside enjoying the great outdoors.



Our facility is equipped inside with heat and a/c, HEPA air purifier, Dog Pacer treadmill, spring pole, enrichment toys, and a dog wash station. Outside we have an agility field, dock diving pool, wooded acres, fully fenced play yard, and a creek. 

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